Mei's work with diversity organizations at UC San Diego taught them how to advocate and ensure queer and transgender students have the same opportunities as their peers in academia and beyond. Their work at UCSD started them down the path of blending their advocacy with their government and professional background. Mei has initiated, planned, and presented several talks and workshops about gender and queer identity, training multiple different types of groups how to be inclusive and welcoming towards queer, transgender, and gender non-conforming members of their community.
Coming Up
June - July 2021
SuperFriendly is a specialist group that helps you make better digital products with design systems. Over the months of June and July Mei will be doing in-network presentations on queerness, connecting inclusion to design, and building diverse relationships with intentionality.
Previous Events
June 2021
LTUX ATL is celebrating Pride Month in June with a panel discussion on how we can make products and teams more inclusive of gender and sexual minorities. Listen to LGBTQ UXers speak on the topic and dig in deep on how we as designers can break our work free from heteronormativity.
May 2021
Mei organized a four hour section about intersectional diversity for Delta CX's international Concentric Conference. Their section included a presentation on the basics of gender and sexuality, a panel on race, an introduction to neurodiversity and mental health, and finally an open discussion on intersectional diversity. Videos of their presentations are available on the Delta CX YouTube.
Dec 2020
As an extension of their LGBTQ + UX talk and interactions with the UX community, Mei compiled a more extensive discussion of LGBTQ+ inclusion in data, which they then published in coordination with "An Injustice!" on Medium. You can view their original slideshow presentation here and the notes for the slideshow here. Their follow up video is also available on their YouTube channel.
Oct 2020
Mei was a featured speaker for Students of UX (SOUX) on inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals in the UX field. The presentation discussed the basics of gender and queer identity, and broke down how diversity can be recognized and represented in UX systems. In total, over 50 members of the SOUX community came to the virtual event and following Q&A. 
May 2020
After a controversial discussion on gender inclusion in Mei's graduate program, Mei stepped up to the plate to educate the Global Policy School (GPS) community on the intersection of gender issues and transgender identity. They organized and presented their gender identity dialogue to over 40 students, faculty, and staff of UC San Diego.
Nov 2019
With the Global Policy School’s QuIRPS team, Mei helped to organize and facilitate UC San Diego's Pride and Policy event, which brought leaders from all different levels of government together to discuss their experience as queer people in policy fields. As a moderator, Mei lead the discussion with the panelists as well as coordinating questions from audience, which contained over 70 students, faculty, and staff members.
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