"I am an openly nonbinary, transgender, queer, fat person from a low income background. My personal experience as an intersectional individual shapes the way I approach inclusion work."
Although "spy work" and diversity consulting seem like specialties far apart on the spectrum, Mei has found that both of these elements have transferable skills that interact and support each other. Their academic specialty in information analysis and briefing helps them dig deep into a problem and find the root cause behind it, while their personal experience in diverse and inclusive teams helps them explain difficult concepts in a culturally competent and understandable way. In their work, Mei integrates these two skill sets to provide data-backed results with compassionate solutions. 
Mei's diversity and inclusion consulting process is focused through six steps:
1. Organizing Guiding Principles​​​​​​​
2. Defining Concepts 
3. Determining Needs
4. Standardizing Diversity Planning
5. Establishing Data and Metrics
6. Communication
Mei's approach to diversity consulting centers on vulnerability and communication. They believe that the result should not be what a client wants, but what a client needs. As a part of that philosophy, Mei encourages clients to pull their weight by asking frank questions that challenge both their teams and each individual's belief systems. Building up a diverse and inclusive organization requires a lot of hard work, but the benefits of a vibrant and diversified team make every mistake and lesson well worth the effort.
Mei's diversity and inclusion work focuses on empowering your organization to ask hard questions both as individuals and as a team. They help redirect the conversation from 'cancel culture' and 'privilege guilt' to building empathy, connection, and transformative growth.
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