UX researcher, diversity consultant, public speaker, and storyteller.

Working for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workspace and beyond 🏳️‍🌈

Intelligence Analysis
Intelligence analysis, in the simplest terms, is a form of spy work. Some individuals in the intelligence field do on the ground excursions, but a majority of intelligence work is done in the background from the safety of an office desk. Essentially, the job of an intelligence analyst is to do the research and data collection required to give guidance and advice to decision makers. Without intelligence analysts, leadership would be without the situational awareness they need to protect their team. 
Diversity Consulting
Mei works as a diversity consultant for organizations and companies alike. Their diversity approach focuses on intersectionality, or recognizing how many types of discrimination and oppression are inner connected. Mei has seen the impact of intersectionality through their own experience, but Mei also brings their education on public policy and politics to the conversation, giving groups a well-rounded approach to inclusion on both an individual and group level. 
Chinese Censorship
Whether vulnerabilities in tech are planned or not, social media is far more dangerous to human rights than it appears to be.
#China, censorship, activism, human rights, COVID-19, technology, social media
LGBTQ+ Surveys
LGBTQ+ people need recognition and representation in data, but there is a gap between education about LGBTQ+ issues and implementation of data collection.
#surveys, LGBTQ+ policy, data collection, data representation
Internet Regulation
Free speech is not an absolutist term, and is also not mutually exclusive with values such as equality, safety, and democratic participation.
#internet, regulation, social media, free speech, government policy, media
Bathroom Debate
Transgender bathroom rights aren’t really about bathrooms. They are really about the idea of transgender people not conforming to society's gendered standards.
#transgender rights, human rights, bathroom debate, LGBTQ+ policy
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